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Eddie Chan

Co-founder, Partner

Eddie Chan is an entrepreneur and a creative strategist based in the United States and China. His Passion is to create strategic direction to help with company growth.

  • Became one of Amazon’s top 50 companies
  • 15+ years of e-commerce experience, built an end to end solution from sourcing overseas to 3rd party warehousing
  • Built and enhanced solutions for customers with clients including many Fortune 500 companies
Defining Moment:

Quitting my Senior Management Job at DHL and starting my own career

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Leo Kim

Software Engineer

Leo Kim is a software engineer based in Seoul. He is passionate about technology for a creative world and comfortable world.

  • Worked in the software development industry over the past 15 years
  • Experience in various industries of software
Defining Moment:

Joining the military service

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Fred Carriedo

Design Principal, Partner

Fred Carriedo is a Mexican Designer based in Seattle. He is passionate about creating strategic, futuristic, and artful brand experiences with a universal customer in mind.

  • Lead Brand Designer for Amazon Go, Amazon Go Grocery, and Amazon Meal Kits
  • Starbucks Designer responsible for several brand initiatives including Starbucks Reserve & Tasting Room
  • In-house designer at Uber, responsible for creating the first identity system
Defining Moment:

Discovering meditation

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Gary Burtka

Board Member

Gary is a creative, entrepreneurial Sales, Marketing and Client Services Executive who specializes in developing companies within retail and tech. His background includes experience and expertise in operations, sales, digital marketing, content development, SEO, SEM, email, display advertising, social media, mobile, and affiliate marketing.

  • Introduced an integration strategy at Criteo, Inc., to retarget products across display, social media, email, mobile, analytics, and search products in more than 37 countries that delivered more than a 10-fold increase in annual run rate from $7.5M to $86M+ in two years
  • Spearheaded all direct response demand generation channels for Lands’ End, generating $400M in annual revenue from three divisions in the United States and Canada
Defining Moment:

Winning the 2019 Prowatercross Jet Ski World Championship in Pro Freestyle

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Mikee Mascardo

Genaral Admin Assistant

Mikee is a young professional raised in the countryside and is now living in the Philippines’ capital region. He is very passionate when it comes to business operations as he has acquired substantial experience in business development for both big corporations and SMEs. He enjoys being involved in revenue generation, project management and gets excited about teaching new skills to colleagues.

  • Served as the EA for the Vice President & General Manager and became the youngest Junior Manager of Splash Corporation, a well-known Fast-Moving Consumer Goods company in the Philippines that was subsequently bought out by Wipro a multi-billion Indian Consumer Care company
  • Worked with various domestic start-ups that were funded by international companies (Zeal Cosmetics-Japan, Kalinisan Holdings-Singapore, One Globe Limited-Hongkong) as Marketing and Business Development Manager
Defining Moment:

Starting his first day on his first job right after graduation day

Dayanna Yanez

Executive Assistant

Dayanna is an executive and marketing assistant based in Los Angeles. She is passionate about living a healthy well-rounded lifestyle, learning how to build and run a lasting business, and finding new ways to connect people both personally and through brands.

  • Graduated early from UCSB with a double major in Psychology and Communication and working as a counselor in the Communication department thereafter
  • Organized university wide lecture for NPR correspondent and TV journalist Ira Flatow
  • Helped run Wedding Trashers, a company that donates floral arrangements to local nonprofits and assisted facility homes
Defining Moment:

Choosing to pursue a career outside of Psychology

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Syed Tanveer Haider

Head of Strategy

Syed Haider is an ex-consultant based out of Toronto. He is passionate about building strategic and efficient structures within companies to ensure their scalability and financial fortitude.

  • Worked with large-ticket clients as a consultant within retail, automotive, Public, FMCG, FS, higher education, energy and mining sectors, on strategy & operations projects
  • Helped develop pre-IPO business plan & strategy for Qatar’s largest aggregate importer, liaising with several high-profile stakeholders (PM’s office, QIA & leading investment bank)
  • Managed operations of two KPMG sister offices as youngest (acting) Operations Manager
Defining Moment:

Reading Oscar Wilde’s Happy Prince as a child

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Kaylee Harris

Human Resources Manager

Kaylee Harris is a Human Resources Manager of Engaging, and to the whole team and is based in Seattle. She has spent her entire career working alongside CEO's to help drive growth in their businesses, and is passionate about creating order amid chaos.

  • Spearheaded many events in the Snoqualmie Valley community, leading to a permanent ice rink being installed in the Snoqualmie Ridge Business Park
  • Was an EA to the founder and CEO of Bulletproof, a company valued at over $200M
  • President of the Downtown North Bend Foundation, and Board Secretary for the Snoqualmie Valley Women in Business organization
Defining Moment:

Becoming a mom

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Young You

CTO, Partner

Young You is a software engineer based in Seattle. His passion is to understand new technology and research on how it can help us in the future.

  • Worked in the software development industry over the past 20 years
  • Developed marketing software for Korean top promotion companies, such as Medicom, Postcom, and Shinhwa
  • CEO of Curoa for the past 11 years, the Korean software & game company
  • The youngest development manager of Nexon, the largest online game company in Korea
  • 1st-generation online game developer in Korea
  • The representative of the Korea Borland Forum
Defining Moment:

Publishing my first game as a student

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Sumi Han

Senior Designer

Sumi Han is a Senior Designer with a focus on interaction design based in Seoul.
She's passionate about creating memorable consumer experiences.

Gino Parma

Video Editor

Gino is a producer and a video editor based in the Philippines with over a decade of experience working in the advertising and film industry.

  • Started a video production company
  • Produced a feature film (Sleepless - 2015)
  • Produced videos for Philippine brands
Defining Moment:

Shooting my first short film

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Cal Chan

CEO, Partner

Cal Chan is an entrepreneur and cross-disciplinary strategist based in Seoul and Seattle. He's passionate about understanding the world and the role companies play in shaping our collective future.

  • Founded multiple CPG brands
  • Has products sold nationally in major retailers like Target, Walmart, Rite Aid, and Kroger
  • Had the #1 Best Selling product on Amazon for 2 years
  • Consulted for companies including: Apple, SC Johnson, BBVA, Disney
Defining Moment:

Birth of first son

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Michael Lebhar

CMO, Partner

Michael Lebhar is an entrepreneur and a marketer based out of Los Angeles CA. He is passionate about developing and implementing scalable marketing and business initiatives.

  • Launched and grew a brand to 7 figures annually as a teenanger
Defining Moment:

Deciding to list a product for sale online

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our core values

Proactive Approach - Regardless of the size or scope of the project, you know you are integral to the project’s success, you understand what you can (and can not) bring to the table, and are honest and transparent about your approach.

Team Mentality - You are joining a team of compassionate and diverse, self-aware people. Be flexible, be supportive, be honest and trustworthy, and be reliable.

Ambitious & Hungry - We are and will always have a startup mentality. Our company’s success comes from your individual growth, and growth comes from hard work.

The pursuit of excellence - We pursue excellence in everything we do - with passion, integrity and accountability.

Always Improve and Adapt - We are curious. We seek out ways to get better at all times: through data, feedback, and constantly refining our processes and goals.



Sales Account Manager
We are looking for a dynamic and highly motivated Sales Account Manager that is qualified, organized, energetic, and knowledgeable enough to bring our sales team to the next level.
Front End Web Developer
Engaging.co, a technology company that empowers brands to create category-defining companies, is looking for a proactive and innovative Front End Web Developer with a keen eye for design.
Content Writer
We are looking for a dynamic and innovative Content Writer that wants to be a part of creating dramatic and impactful change within a fast-paced startup environment.
Marketing Intern / Customer Service Representative
We are seeking a Digital Marketing Intern / Customer Service Representative.